Digital Forensics​

The UT DTS ISO provides forensic imaging and analysis, upon request via proper channels, in support of information security investigations system-wide.

Information Security Awareness and Education

The UT DTS ISO implements and manages an information security awareness program with the goal of raising the level of security awareness, understanding, and compliance for all UT System Administration employees.

Information Security Consulting Services

The UT DTS ISO provides information security consulting and guidance on security best practices for the university system. This may involve special applications support, review of traffic, review of stored information, or access restriction options.​

Information Security Incident Coordination

The UT DTS ISO coordinates communications about information security problems, events, incidents, and other matters with university administration and affected parties.

Information Security Incident Response

The UT DTS ISO investigates information​ security events and manages information security incident handling for UT System Administration.

Information​ Security Policies and Practices

The UT DTS ISO develops and maintains information security policies, processes, and standards in consultation with the university’s campuses, institutes, administration, and departments.

Information Security Risk Management

The UT DTS ISO implements and manages the UTSA ITS information security management program, as well as information security exception management for information security policies and standards.

PCI DSS Compliance

The UT DTS ISO validates the compliance of information transferred across the university system’s networks based on PCI DSS regulations. In addition to the evaluation of security controls to assist UT merchants with PCI compliance, we conduct annual on-site reviews with each merchant to verify full PCI compliant status.